Whether a 5-star or No-Star High School student athlete, you can reach success your way with the Playbook they don't want you to have!


I am an athlete looking to increase recruit-ability, while preparing for life with and without sports.

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Business & Branding

We are a business, project, or organization looking to enhance our marketing capabilities. 

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You know how winning works. Cliches like being the first to show up and the last to leave, rings true when you’ve seen them result in success. You know it’s a mindset. And you know that anyone who tells you luck has anything to do with it, doesn’t know what it means to be a winner. 


No matter what success on the field or court has looked like for you, one thing is certain: you don’t leave it up to chance; so, why would you leave your future up to chance?


You don’t have to, because just like no one achieves their best when the game-clock is running all by themselves, no one does it alone in the game of life either. That’s why the Kickoff Experience is here to support your future goals. 


Your path may be professional sports, broadcasting, or something entirely different. Let the Kickoff Experience help you tailor your plan, because however you forge your path forward, a universal truth remains: 

greatness is a choice, and the choice is yours ! 


Meet The Team

Kamryn Young the CEO

Kamryn has always had a passion for owning her own business which birthed the idea of The Kickoff Experience, a Sports & Marketing Firm that creates the best strategic foundation to help you reach Success Your Way. She lives by the saying “ fear has two meanings, “ Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything and Rise” the choice is yours.

Tyson Young

Creative Director

A'rmaria Wright

Junior Accountant

Lynda Kaneza

Director of Sales

Jeremiah Edwards

Sales Representative